Monday, March 15, 2010

A New War between Lebanon and Israel?

Many are asking this question and many are trying to answer it. However, I think it is the wrong question to ask. Why? The State of Israel and Lebanon are still at war... A declaration of 'cessation of hostilities' (summer 2006) does not constitute a peace agreement. The question to ask is the following: will there be physical combats again? And the answer to this question: most probably 'yes'! Sadly, the saber-rattling between Israel and Lebanon lately has created an atmosphere similar to the one that preceded Israel's 1982 invasion.
Other questions would be: when? And how?
The answers to these questions are, in my opinion, unknown until the present day.
Living with uncertainty and insecurity is a burden Lebanese are carrying, but does it have to be a fatality?
The reality is that the future will reveal itself in its own time, and pushing for resolutions/solutions sooner than that is a good way to make mistakes.
I think we - as Lebanese - need to take this one day at a time. Because this condition/situation may extend for quite some time, we will have to build up our emotional/intellectual/physical strength. We will need to work at resolving important internal issues and work to be as honest as possible with all parties. None of this will happen overnight, but we can feel good about ourselves if we are working towards those goals.
Progress will not be linear. One day we will feel pulled more towards a vision/decision, the next day more towards others.
I am advocating dealing as constructively as possible with the realities of life situations that present uncertainties and create anxieties. In this situation there is not an exclusivity arrangement. The issue is readiness, not time!

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Anonymous said...

I beleive too that physical combats will occur again and i am afraid of the outcome