Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ugly Beirut!

Please check this article entitled ' UGLY BEIRUT' and give me your opinion!

I think that the author has described Beirut using a single characteristic: 'ugly' - which by the way is so relative...The article would have been closer to 'objectivity' if it tackled the 'many faces
and characteristics' of Beirut.
Also, a city is not only formed of buildings. An important part of it and what makes it 'alive' is its inhabitants.
How can an entire population be described as 'ugly'???
Every city has advantages and disadvantages, and these are also relative. What is an advantage for me is a disadvantage for others. Managing all the visions of Beirut, and trying to build a common vision while acknowledging differences: that would be a first step towards a healthier environment.

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Amin J. said...

It is indeed outrageous what is happening in Beirut - concrete buildings, no public and green spaces... and the rich taking over the city...
it is sad, but i agree that there are other aspects, joyful and beautiful. Beirut is a mixture of lots of things.

Amin J.