Sunday, September 14, 2014

AUD Welcomes New Faculty Members For The Fall 2014 Semester

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(August 2014)

AUD welcomed new fulltime and part-time faculty members with a complete day of presentations and activities designed to introduce the newcomers to the university’s leadership, culture, programs, services, procedures, and policies as well as to familiarize them with life at AUD and in Dubai. “We are pleased to welcome such a talented and diverse group of individuals on board. All of us here at AUD really look forward to an academic year characterized by collaboration among all faculty and staff in fulfilling AUD’s mission,” said Mrs. Angele El Khoury, Director of Human Resources.

Dr. Lance de Masi, President of AUD, spoke to the new faculty members about AUD; its mission, objectives and their role in achieving them, as well as offered the ‘ten ‘presidential’ suggestions for their success at the university. He added, “To get to the essence of AUD, one must take seriously the most important claim we make in addressing our students: ‘Your success is our success’”. Moreover, Dr. Jihad Nader, Provost/Chief Academic Officer introduced the new faculty to the programs and key academic policies at AUD.

The day also included presentations from different AUD Administrative Offices including Admissions, Registrar, Finance, Institutional Effectiveness, Student Services, IT Services, External Relations, Marketing Communications, and Library Services – introducing AUD’s organizational structure to the new faculty members and familiarizing them with the university’s various functions. In addition, the Human Resources Office scheduled various breaks during the day allowing for socializing opportunities by the new faculty members where they mingled and networked with their colleagues and the AUD community.

This year’s new faculty recruits boast diversity, with members coming from more than a dozen different backgrounds and nationalities. Professors joining this year come from all corners of the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, England, and Japan.

The new faculty members include Dr. Layan El Hajj, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Dr. Micah Robbins, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Nadia Radwan, Assistant Professor of Art History; Dr. Marguerite Connor, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Jonathan York, Assistant Professor of History; 
Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies; Prof. Loulou Malaeb, Assistant Professor of Humanities; Dr. Magdy El-Shamma, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies; Dr. Karen Mc Kinney, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Omar Sabbagh, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Tabitha Kenlon, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Ann Marie Simmonds, Assistant Professor of English; Prof. Giscard El Khoury, Instructor in English; Prof. Takeshi Maruyama, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Prof. Michael Rice, Associate Professor of Studio Art; Prof. Flounder Lee, Assistant Professor of Studio Art; Dr. Annarita Cornaro, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Dr. Subramaniam Ponnaiyan , Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences; Dr. Odekhiren Amaize , Professor of Marketing Communications; Dr. Akram Al Matarneh, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Dr. Nasreddine Saadouli, Associate Professor of Management; Prof. Nathaniel Light, Assistant Professor of Finance; Prof. Sumaya Kubeisy, Assistant Professor of Digital Production and Storytelling; Prof. Yasmine Bahrani, Assistant Professor of Communication and Information Studies - (Journalism); Dr. Vinod Pangracious, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering; Dr. Mona Nabhani, Visiting Associate Professor of Education.
The mission of the Office of Human Resources at AUD is to foster a positive work environment and to act as a resource for the university’s staff and faculty. The office acts to support AUD staff and faculty in their service to the university through a commitment to attract, orient, retain, motivate, and develop members of the university’s population to their fullest potential. The HR team provides services to impact and promote equity and impartial human relations.


Alia Karkabi said...

Congratulations Dr. Chrabieh. Good luck with this new challenge!

Siloe said...

Bravo docteure. Et bonne chance. Bel environnement à Dubai.

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh said...

Thank you ladies :)